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Trying to Stop Prison drug dealing

Posted by Colin Rose on February 1, 2009

If it takes at least $30 million per year and 30 Xray machines to make a dent in drug dealing in federal prisons housing 153,000 inmates or 0.13% of the adult Canadian population by extrapolation it would take at least $23 billion per year and 23 thousand Xray machines to control the drug trade in the whole country and that would be a lot harder than in a very confined prison population. Ergo, forget about trying to stop the drug trade by attacking the distribution. Legalize all drugs and deal with addiction, the same way we do with legal addictions to tobacco, alcohol and junk food which kill orders of magnitude more people than all the illegal addictions combined.

Tories take aim at prison drug dealing
The Gazette
01 Feb 2009

OTTAWA – Organized crime may be about to lose its grip on one of its most profitable markets as the Harper government moves to put an end to drug smuggling into penitentiaries. In this war on drugs, Ottawa will spend $120 million over the next four…read more…

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Convict released because he’s too fat for prison

Posted by Colin Rose on November 13, 2008

So where was this guy getting all the junk food? What do they serve in the prison cafeteria? Are there junk food vending machines? If we can’t control food intake in a prison is there any hope for controlling the pandemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes?

Convict released because he’s too fat for prison
The Gazette
13 Nov 2008

QUEBEC  Michel Lapointe is now a free man, thanks to the 430 pounds he?s carrying around. The morbidly obese convict, who goes by the nickname Big Mike, was released from a Quebec prison Tuesday night, three months before he was eligible for a…read more…

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