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Tough on crime (in theory)

Posted by Colin Rose on February 27, 2009

Sorry, Barry, but decreasing immigration won’t solve the problem. Those using the illegal drugs bought from violent drug dealers are mostly otherwise law-abiding Canadian citizens. I would bet that some of those people screaming for harsher laws for drug related crimes think nothing of having an occasional drag on a reefer or a snort of cocaine. One would think that we had learned a lesson from the Prohibition disaster that created the Mafia. Short of a mandatory death penalty for anyone caught with or selling an illegal drug, it is impossible to stop consumption of a drug desired by huge segments of a population. Ironically, it is the legal addictions to tobacco, alcohol, casinos and junk food that kill orders of magnitude more people than all the illegal drugs combined. So the solution to drug related violence is legalization and control of all drugs and intensive treatment and research into addiction.

Tough on crime (in theory)

National Post
27 Feb 2009

Will the federal Conservatives’ new package of anti-gang m e a s u r e s make a difference on the street? It’s hard to say. The implementation of criminal justice depends on a chain of trust including not only elected legislators, but judges,…read more…

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Taliban’s super success: opium

Posted by Colin Rose on November 28, 2008

If it weren’t for heroin addiction the Taliban would not exist and we would not be fighting a war in Afghanistan. Until we conquer the problem of addiction in our society there will always be criminals, terrorists and drug companies preying on the misery of addicts. Another example: instead of dealing with junk food addiction we would rather spend $many billions on drugs to treat its symptoms. The recent report of the JUPITER trial, funded by AstraZeneca and really an infomercial for Crestor, is a good example. No attempt was made to treat the addiction of the mostly overweight or obese subjects in trial. Only a drug was tested to treat the metabolic manifestations of the addiction, like “dyslipidemia” and CRP. Consequently many of the subjects became diabetic.

Taliban’s super success: opium
The Gazette
28 Nov 2008

UNITED NATIONS  Afghanistan has produced so much opium in recent years that the Taliban are cutting back poppy cultivation and stockpiling raw opium to support prices and preserve a major source of financing for the insurgency, says the head of the…read more…

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Addiction is killing our soldiers

Posted by Colin Rose on October 14, 2008

All you say is true. Trying to burn all the poppy fields on the planet won`t work. And if it`s not heroin or cocaine it will be some other addiction from which criminals and terrorists can make a profit. The root cause is addiction. Addictions kill in one way or another. Whether it addiction is legal or illegal is irrelevant. Legal addctions to tobacco, alcohol and junk food kill thousands of times more people than all illegal addictions combined. But every time a heroin addict spends money on a fix a fraction of that payment goes towards potentially killing a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. Those who think that heroin addiction is just a disease that has to be treated by “harm reduction” to the individual instead of curing the addiction are only encouraging more payments to terrorists. There is no vaccine against addiction. Curing addiction requires denial of transient self-destructive pleasure and painful decisions by the individual, not something polititians or UNODOC want to talk about. We should be spending at least as much researching, preventing and curing addiction of all types as we spend on the War on Drugs and the War on Terrorism.

War on Drugs is killing our soldiers
Times Colonist
12 Oct 2008

fghanistan is going badly. ?We?re not going to win this war,? said a top British general this month. Well, pass the smelling salts. The War on Drugs created Afghanistan?s massive illicit drug trade. This trade funds the insurgency, corrupts the…read more…

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