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Canadian “Working Group” on Dyslipidemia

Here is the Canadian version of the American “Expert Panel” on dyslipidemia. The term “dyslipidemia” implies that abnormal blood cholesterol numbers are a diseases that must be treated per se, a very profitable myth promoted by drug dealers and doctors on their payrolls. In 99.99% of cases abnormal blood lipids are a response, probably protective, of  mammalian metabolism to nutritional stress, too much nutrient-poor food.

Look at the financial disclosure of the members. They have all received money from drug dealers in various capacities. How does one get on the “Working Group”? Are they chosen at random from the pool of Canadian doctors? Do they have divine right to be on it? Well, they are usually nominated by organizations like the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. And where does the CCS get most of its funding. Is the pattern becoming clear? Naturally, the CCS gets the bulk of its revenue from the drug dealers. A “Grand Patron” of the annual CCC Convention gives at least $50,000. Would the CCS dare to nominate anyone to the “Working Group” who would dare to bite the hand that feeds it? Would any member dare to question the stupidity of prescribing drugs to treat symptoms of self-abusive lifestyles like “dyslipidemia”?

Of course no doctor will ever admit to being influenced by money. If you believe that, I’ve got a nice bridge to sell you. But have a look at No Free Lunch and read On The Take.

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