Panaceia or Hygeia

immunize yourself against the pandemic of lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle Change Rapidly Reduces Risk Factors

Here are a couple of studies showing that within weeks lifestyle change reduces lipid peroxidation, the process that is probably related to the production of modified LDL in the arterial wall. LDL must be modified before it can be taken up by macrophages (scavenger cells) and cause atherosclerotic plaque. Unmodified LDL is harmless in any quantity in the blood. That’s why just measuring blood cholesterol, per se, is useless.

Nitric oxide production is a sign of a healthy endotheium, the lining of blood vessels that keeps arteries open and prevents blood from clotting. A healthy endothelium is essential for prevention of atherosclerotic plaque.

We can see why the statin peddlers have never compared their drugs with this type of lifestyle change. There would be no contest. Most doctors have never heard of these studies. Naturally, reprints of these papers would not be purchased by drug companies and are not distributed free by drug salesman.

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