Panaceia or Hygeia

immunize yourself against the pandemic of lifestyle diseases


Until very recently the vast majority of case of diabetes were Type 1, childhood onset diabetes. What used to be called “adult onset diabetes” is now called Type 2 because obese children are now getting the disease.

Obesity and Diabetes


Type 1 is caused by a deficiency of insulin due to damage to the pancreatic islet cells for mostly unknown reasons. Type 2 is caused by resistance to the action of insulin in the muscles and other organs. In Type 2 blood insuiin is higher than normal. Insulin resistance is markedly accentuated by an incease in toxic visceral fat, that is present around the intestine. Blood from the intestine drains directly through the liver and visceral fat produces a number of potentially damagiing substances. Removal of subcutaneous fat by liposuction, while improving superficial appearance, does nothing to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Although possibly coincidental, the association between the promotion of the National Cholesterol Educuation Program in the early 1980s and the introduction of the first statin, Mevacor, in 1987 and the dramatic increase in obesity and Type 2 diabetes is compelling. The population of the US and the rest of the developed world was led to believe that all cardiovascular problems were caused by “high cholesterol” and that as long as one reduced it with  resins or statin pills one could eat anything.

In the US and Canada the incidence of Type 2 diabetes has increased exponentially in the last 20 years in concert with the increase in obesity.


Statin prescriptions correlate with drugs for lowering blood sugar. Half of the middle-aged population of the US is leaving the doctor’s office with pills for “cholesterol” and Type 2 diabetes! “Hey, my cholesterol and blood sugar are OK, now I can eat everything”. Wonder why there is an obesity pandemic.

No drug can prevent the horrendous complications of diabetes.

Preventable complications of type 2 diabetes.

Preventable complications of Type 2 diabetes


Weight loss dramatically reduces the development of Type 2 diabetes

Even a small reduction in visceral fat can make a huge difference in preventing Diabetes Type 2.

2 Responses to “Diabetes”

  1. I just posted on this unfortunate and, so often, unnecessary epidemic. Of all the info on your post what sticks out is the statement “Even a small reduction in visceral fat can make a huge difference in preventing Diabetes Type 2.”

    And this is not a difficult thing to do in most cases – just 2 simple things eat a healthy diet and live a more active life.

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