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Regression of Coronary Plaque by Medical Therapy

Posted by Colin Rose on April 5, 2017

Here is a very clear demonstration that invasive revascularization is not necessary in stable coronary atherosclerosis in the absence of disabling symptoms. There is no data about the patients lifestyle or BMI before therapy that might have explained his hyperlipidemia. If an obvious self destructive atherogenic lifestyle had been present I would have initially tried lifestyle change before statins and ezetimibe.


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98% of very high cholesterol is not caused by mutations in the genetic code, another blow to the hype of the genome sequencing industry. 

Posted by Colin Rose on April 5, 2016

For more than 30 years  the mantra of the cholesterol industry has held that “high cholesterol” in the general population is caused by a genetic abnormality which must be “treated” with a drug, usually a statin, because lifestyle change would be largely futile. There was great hope that by sequencing the genome we could find a coding gene that would give us the key to eliminating atherosclerosis, the cause of heart attacks. But a recent publication in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that only 1.7% of very high cholesterol can be explained by mutation of genes known to code for proteins involved in cholesterol metabolism. So what is  going on?

Variables like the blood concentrations of many metabolites and the intercellular concentrations of gene controlled products like RNA and proteins are largely related to environmentally influenced variation in the expression of normal genes, not mutations of the genes themselves.

An example of a disease truly caused by an abnormal coding gene is sickle cell anemia which has long been known to be caused by a mutation of just one of the millions of base pairs in the DNA code with no significant environmental influence.

But less than 2% of our DNA is used to code for proteins that form skin, blood, muscle, etc. The other 98% of our DNA, what used to be called junk DNA, is composed of code that regulates the protein coding DNA and is very sensitive to environmental influences like diet, smoking, drugs, exercise, weather, air pollution, etc. How this non-coding DNA is influenced by the environment and how it controls the expression of coding DNA is very mysterious.  It will be a long time before we have a precise mathematical model of the thousands of self referential pathways involved in gene regulation. In the meanwhile we have pretty good evidence for which environments are healthy and that influencing gene expression in this manner is much more important than prescribing drugs to “treat” just one of the results of the alteration of gene expression like high cholesterol.

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Many ways to land doctors’ orders

Posted by Colin Rose on September 6, 2009

Another very common scam is the seeding trial; doctors are paid to enroll patients in a “study” that involves prescribing a drug and recording some data on the response to it. Doctors get used to writing prescriptions for the drug. Such data is scientifically useless but gets reported in some medical journal which is itself largely dependent on drug advertising.

Many ways to land doctors’ orders
The Gazette
05 Sep 2009

Canada’s pharmaceutical firms invest up to $3 billion a year in marketing, drug-policy expert Alan Cassels says. That works out to $50,000 in marketing per doctor. In addition to ghostwriting, the industry relies on many other tactics. Among…read more…

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Posted by Colin Rose on September 6, 2009

The Gazette
05 Sep 2009

The title of the article was so dryly scientific, it was impossible to arouse suspicion at the time: Published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in April 2000, the paper hailed estrogen in the treatment of memory loss in older…read more…

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President Obama couldn’t have known (he should have)

Posted by Colin Rose on August 31, 2009

When Obama or any other polititian talks about “health” care and saving money in the same breath their popularity sinks. In spite of much evidence to the contrary, there is a pervasive myth that the more one spends on hospitals and doctors (so-called “health” care but, in reality, disease care) the happier and longer-lived will be the population. Every time doctors have gone on strike and treated only life-threatening disease, average mortality has decreased. Spending more money on doctors and hospitals above a minimum, far below what we spend today, only increases mortality because drugs are given and operations done, both potentially fatal, for less and less significant indications. Cubans spend at most 4% of what the Americans spend per capita on doctors and hospitals and have a longer life expectancy. True health care is things like safe housing, safe sex, safe driving, garbage collection, clean water, control of addictions to alcohol, tobacco and junk food and immunization, things that doctors and hospitals don`t do. But every polititian who wants to get elected again must repeat the shibboleth, quality “health” care equals more money on doctors and hospitals.

President Obama couldn’t have known
JONATHAN COHN The New Republic
National Post
31 Aug 2009

The pundits are busy filing their reports on how President Obama blew it on health care reform. And while the health care fight is far from over — I remain convinced the Democrats will pass a bill, maybe even a good one — the pundits have a point….read more…

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Fat, naturally

Posted by Colin Rose on June 9, 2009

Any form of refined fat has no significant nutritional value other than calories and serves no purpose other than to make junk foods like pastries. Lard is enviromentllay friendly? If we don`t raise any domestic pigs we don`t have to worry about eating all their parts and we would would avoid a lot of environmental degradation. The same goes for domestic beef.

Fat, naturally
National Post
09 Jun 2009

Wait long enough and everything bad for you is good again. Sugar? Naturally better than high-fructose corn syrup. Chocolate? A bar a day keeps the doctor away. Caffeine? Bring it on. Lard, however, has always been a ridiculously hard sell. Over at…read more…

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Surgery is not a proven solution for obesity

Posted by Colin Rose on June 6, 2009

Surgery is not a proven solution for obesity

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Posted by Colin Rose on May 19, 2009

National Post
05 May 2009

Throughout his career as a food writer, Mark Bittman has inspired us to get into the kitchen to create delicious dishes with his simple recipes. Now the man known as “the Minimalist” is inspiring us to get into the kitchen to save our health — and the…read more…

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Cattle exports to U.S. down 30% this year

Posted by Colin Rose on April 9, 2009

So who needs this stuff anyway? There is no nutritional requirement for grain-fed, environmentally-destructive domestic livestock. If we want a healthy population as well as a “healthy rural economy” we should be harvesting free-range, grass-fed herbivores. We could promote such meat as “Obameat”, the carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly alternative to industrial meat

Cattle exports to U.S. down 30% this year

National Post
09 Apr 2009

Mr. Preugschas acknowledges that a trade challenge won’t do much, as it will take years before a final verdict is reached. “But you have to do it to make a point that you can’t willy-nilly come up with laws that violate trade agreements,” he said. The…read more…

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Living longer – and better

Posted by Colin Rose on April 7, 2009

While there are sensational, anecdotal reports of the marvels of high-tech medicine, the main, if not the only, reasons for the increase in life expectancy in the last 100 years in North America are improved living conditions and vaccination against childhood infectious diseases, none of which have anything to do with doctors and hospitals. Dramatic reductions in life expectancy have been seen recently in Russian after the break up of the Soviet Union due to poor quality diet and alcohol and in some African countries due to AIDS; doctors and hospitals made no difference. There is good reason not to be optimistic about the future. We are in the middle of a pandemic of obesity and its most serious consequence, Type 2 diabetes, which is already reducing life expectancy in some areas in the USA and threatens to obliterate the improvement in life expectancy over the last 50 years. No amount of hospitals, drugs or operations will prevent the looming catastophe.

Living longer – and better
The Gazette
07 Apr 2009

On a cool night last Labour Day weekend, Hector Mackenzie suffered a stroke that, had it happened 15 years ago, would have left him severely brain damaged or, more likely, dead. Mackenzie was helping his daughter Anna move into a house for her second…read more…

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