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Anyone wondering what they can do as individuals to reduce green house gases and reduce his/her impact on the environment can start by eating very little domestic red meat, and reduce caloric intake to lose excess body fat, both of which require large amounts of fossil fuel and water. Eat most vegetable foods, eggs, cheese, fish and wild red meat and no refined fat and keep you waist circumference under half your height.

Climate change is a challenge for us all

Posted by Colin Rose on December 11, 2008


The StatsCan data show that Governments, David Suzuki and Al Gore have had very little effect of profligate consumption. We are programmed by billions of years of evolution to consume anything we can get our hands on regardless of the destruction our greed is causing to ourselves or the environment. But it does appear that capitalist democracy has a marvelous self-correcting mechanism. The current recession clearly shows that when uncontrolled greed causes the money to run out consumption and GHG emissions drop dramatically but we aren`t dying like house flies in winter. For the sake of the environment if not our own health one can hope that the recession will last long enough that we will learn to accept that we can live happily with a lot less food, drugs and gadgets. 

Climate change is a challenge for us all
The Gazette
11 Dec 2008

Climate change is a challenge not only for governments and big corporations, but for every person on Earth, since we are each individually responsible for generating greenhouse gases. New figures from Statistics Canada drive the point home, showing…read more…

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