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Canadian Government Promises to Fund Junk Science to Appease Zamboni Cult

Posted by Colin Rose on June 29, 2011

from the CBC

It was inevitable that the federal government and its advisory committee would cave into the incessant political pressure of the Zamboni cult. The government is trying to appease the Zamboni zealots who have mercilessly intimidated politicians to fund “liberation” treatment, which is nothing more than high-tech faith healing. Unscrupulous politicians like Libby Davies and Kirsty Duncan have exploited the internet presence of the cult and the public’s sympathy for desperate people for political gain to make the government look uncaring and aloof when it was just trying to pursue the time-honoured scientific method of determining truth.

All that has changed since the advisory committee first recommended not to fund clinical trials was the introduction of a private members bill to mandate clinical trials. Obviously this spooked the government because it would have been forced to vote against the Zamboni cult and lose political capital with no political benefit. Scientists and politicians alike are being viciously slandered by the Zamboni cult using the tools of the internet. A neuroradiologist, Dr. Rubin, on the advisory committee even admitted that he remained unconvinced that Zamboni’s “CCSVI” existed but he still voted for trials of “liberation”. Clearly, the decision was politically motivated. The real scientists were tired of continuously being accused of pandering to pharmaceutical companies and threw in the towel.

Normally a staunch resister of blackmail, intimidation and appeasement in other areas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should know better. Appeasement of totalitarians, terrorists and  self-righteous zealots signals weakness of resolve and only empowers them. Zamboni zealots want nothing less than publicly funded “liberation” on demand. Promise of trials will not satisfy them. When well-blinded controlled trials eventually show that “liberation” is useless, the cult will still demand public funding by claiming that the trials were biased and influenced by Big Pharma. They have a religious faith in “CCSVI”, revealed, scientifically absurd truth from their saviour, Paolo Zamboni, and nothing will persuade them otherwise. I have tried and have been mercilessly attacked on blogs and Facebook. Absolute faith in revealed truth will tolerate no criticism.

There is now ample evidence that Zamboni’s “CCSVI” does not exist as a disease and that “liberation” is a cruel hoax bilking desperate people out of their life savings. See blogs for details of the junk science behind “CCSVI”.

At any rate, it is doubtful that any good well-blinded controlled trial of “liberation” will ever get done, at least in Canada. When the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation asked for grant applications for trials of “liberation” it received only one and even that one didn’t meet the scientific standards of the Foundation. No true scientist is going to make him or herself a laughing stock by attempting to treat a nonexistent disease and go down in history as another fool who believed the Zamboni myth.

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