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“The perfect crime? CCSVI not leaving a trace in MS” – “Liberation” is a hoax

Posted by Colin Rose on February 4, 2011

Just published today, is a report of the first independent investigation by Christopher Mayer, et al from Germany with no connection to drug companies that attempts to use Zamboni’s Doppler technique for diagnosing “CCSVI” but in a rigorously controlled and blinded manner.

Conclusion: “This triple-blinded controlled study does not support insufficient extra- and intracranial venous flow in MS. Together with two other recent studies, this constitutes compelling evidence against a significant contribution of CCSVI to the pathogenesis of MS. As interventional procedures such as transluminal angioplasty are derived from the non-confirmed CCSVI concept and can result in serious adverse events, we strongly discourage the use of these procedures on the grounds of the present evidence.”

At least four blinded studies using magnetic resonance venography came to the same conclusion.

This is what we predicted in November, 2009 when Zamboni’s “breakthrough” was first announced by the scoop-hungry media. The absurdity of the concept was quite obvious but emotional YouTube videos of instantaneous improvement in symptoms overwhelmed rational thought.

Face it, true believers. No blinded study using any technique has been able to reproduce Zamboni’s data. Zamboni succumbed to irrational self deception in a futile attempt to cure his wife’s MS. “CCSVI” doesn’t exist. All “liberation” factories should be shut down, now. Any doctor who continues to do “liberation” should lose his or her license to practice.

If nothing else of use results from the Zamboni fad, which has cost patients, charities and governments at least $one billion, we should have learned a number of lessons:

  • the absolute necessity for careful blinding of clinical trials before a paper on them is accepted by any medical journal.
  • the necessity for regulation of surgical procedures in the same way as drugs are regulated.
  • the necessity for ethical doctors to increase their presence in the internet social media to counteract patient hysteria and the venality of some members of their profession.
  • before media reporters are allowed to report on medical and scientific topics must take a course in assessment of the validity of publications in journals.
  • in this internet age, high school science education, in addition to the standard curricula, needs to teach skills in the assessment of the validity of data and conclusions drawn from them, using the Zamboni fad as a classic example of what not to do.

The fad has also put a focus on the powerful effects of faith healing on the symptoms of MS as seen in this video.

Exactly the same instantaneous “cures” are shown in numerous post “liberation” videos. Faith in modern technology, pseudo-science and surgeons is replacing faith in the traditional saviours. The psychology underlying faith healing in MS needs investigation. Because of the intermittent and prolonged nature of the disease, MS patients are particularly prone to faith healing, when they are given some hope for the future. There seem to be a lot of MS patients whose symptoms are to some degree subconsciously self-inflicted out of depression or to attract sympathy who could be helped with the right form of psychotherapy.

68 Responses to ““The perfect crime? CCSVI not leaving a trace in MS” – “Liberation” is a hoax”

  1. chrishadms said

    Who cares, you have bored us to death with this. I mean really, who cares?

    • mis0673 said

      I care, as do many others. Dr. Rose speaks the truth. He’s cited published medical studies as proof.

      • I second that Mis0673.. I CARE!!! Dr. Rose continually posts medical study after medical study as proof.. Dr. Rose please keep writing your articles, that make so much sense..

  2. chiefumtaga said

    The sad thing is none of these well designed, robust and credible studies (which show no evidence for CCSVI) is going to get a fraction of the publicity that Dr. Zamboni’s initial study received(which was so badly flawed, 100% correlation between MS and CCSVI, give me a break).
    If CTV (as well as, Avis Favaro and Andre Picard),had a conscience they would do follow up story on all the evidence accumulating that there is no physical evidence of abnormal venous drainage in MS patients. How about devoting an hour on W5 to this topic? I am not holding my breath on this happening.

    Unfortunately, people such as Joan Beal and Ashton Embry (the geologist with a doctorate) will keep harping on the new “paradigm shift” for MS therapy and the conspiracy of Neurologists to ignore the “evidence” for CCSVI. Sadly, desperate patients will continue to seek out “Liberation Therapy”.
    This has happened before, cancer patients still go abroad for laetrile treatment, the National Health Service in Britain provides homeopathy treatments. All this and other nonsense continues despite all the research showing no proof for it.

  3. moreconcerned said

    Funny that all your comments over at Thisisms have been deleted. Did they ban you?

    • Colin Rose said

      I am still able to login to Thisisms. They seem to want to restart the discussion. I guess they didn’t consider measuring intracranial pressure to be relevant to “intracranial”.

  4. moreconcerned said

    That’s why I posted the link to your blog in the first place.

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  7. moreconcerned said

    Well, I guess I’m banned now. Totally without warning too.

    • maldendj said

      Welcome to the club. Actually, they did a favor to you ;). I feel better without reading nonsense every day.

      Best regards, M.

  8. moreconcerned said

  9. moreconcerned said

    Chronic Cerebrospinal Vascular Insufficiency Is Not Associated with HLA DRB1*1501 Status in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

    Another study contradicting Zamboni’s original results, more confirmation that CCSVI DOES NOT cause MS.

    (The TIMS “ring leader” can argue that this study was looking at HLA DRB 1501 status and CCSVI and not Zamboni’s original hypothesis but it doesn’t change the fact that even a Zamboni-ite like Zivadinov can’t find CCSVI in much more than half of MS patients, and hence not the cause of MS,and again showing that CCSVI is more prevalent in progressive cases, which may just be the effects of time on the veins.)

  10. moreconcerned said

    I guess those numbers come from the same study that was supposed to be released last February but never was. At least it’s confirmation that Zivadinov is sticking with those numbers, which some cult members have suggested isn’t the case.

  11. perwest said

    Why not just measure the arterial flow to the brain of MS-patients versus of Healthy Subjects?

    If flow is lower in MS-patients, then there will be stenosed veins, just because of the plastic nature of the “tubes”.

    And why not just make this test, to get a very reliable and fast result?

    Interesting show. Real facts does exist, even the facts are not proved after the demands of the neurological concept of proof.

    Even Dr. Burks seems to find that the proposal of Dr. Zambonis would be a good and relaible method to cut all the CRAB.

    But unfortunatly, it probably will not go to happend, because who likes to find out, that they have wasted their lives, being sidetracked, just to hunt an explanation in an area of which they claims, they a the only experts?

    Wonder what the world would look like, if the Doctors only got paid, if the patients where keept healthy..

  12. maldendj said

    CCSVI paranoia virus is spreading to the children. Here newly “Liberated” mother ask her Liberator what to do with her children fatigue, cogfog, irritability, a poor memory etc…

    “To operate or not to operate, that is a question”


    Dr. ******, I have a question, actually, and it is a serious one. I showed signs of MS or CCSVI in childhood. Fatigue, cogfog, some other things as well. Of my three children, my oldest has fatigue. My middle child has fatigue, cogfog, irritability, a poor memory, wakes up at night in hysterics about his legs hurting (been to a specialist and was told it was nothing), and sometimes tells me his neck hurts. He is only five. (My youngest child is not a consideration to this, he is so healthy and active, it shocks me.) I may pursue doppler ultrasound scanning for them, just to know. But at what age would CCSVI treatment begin to be an option? What are the increased risks in venoplasty in a child and at what age might those risks diminish? My son is struggling with all these symptoms.
    My thought is that he has to reach adult size first, which would be sometime in his teenage years, but I haven’t much to base that assumption on. I would also want CCSVI to be further investigated than it is currently.

    And here is the Dr’s answer:

    first of all, you need to maintain a healthy skepticism.
    i think i am moving in a logical direction but i dont have even three months followup on the way I have treated you.

    This childhood thing really gets to me. if symptoms are really bad, perhaps treatment is appropriate but first we have to get it right in adults. children are just too vulnerable.

    but screening is probably closer. we will need to image cohorts of healthy children first to understand the hemodynamics and then we can image sick children….
    what to do with what we find????
    we need to be concerned with radiation exposure in the child, more vulnerable than adults to radiation.
    we need to understand how the child’s veins will react.

  13. perwest said

    Pity that Colin Rose promotes Hygeia to MS-people that have less bloodflow through their brain.

    As is a known fact for the MS-patients.

    Expecially when opening the venes are the closest that a MS-patient can come to Panacia…

    Fortunately, We don’t need to worry about radiation to children, being exposed to ultrasound.

    Lets hope that Zamboni, despite the resistance that he meets from the Medical Gurus, will succeed in getting the knowledge about the other half of the truth, spread out.

    Facts do exist, even before and despite it has not been proven by the neurological priests.

    That is just a fact, and facts don’t care about neurological procedure for consideration. It just is.

    Like the earth is round and not flat like a pancake. Even tha’t facts also have not been proven the neurological way. Lack of possible, healthy controls, I imagine.

  14. Facts do NOT exsist to support that there is a corrletion between MS with ccsvi. They are the hypothesis of a narrcasstic egomanic who claims to have “cured” MS,
    Are you aware that according to certain articles they are finding Lyme disease to be related to ccsvi? And also Thryroid disorders? Exactly how many disorders will they link to ccsvi? The web of diseases grows and the greed for Zamboni down to those running non profit org to to assist those with medical travel to receive a ficiticious treatment all for money. How many of the 7 deadly sins can Zamboni and his “cult” followers break. So far I’ve come 3 Greed- soliciting money to fund research he is spearheading, “hmmmm, I wonder what results will come of it?””***jeaopardy muisc*** Envy-he yearns to be accepted and respected by his colleauges, yet that isn’t the case.. Pride- he was so full of prided when he boasted 100% of MS patients have ccsvi, wow…. not sure if his head could fit through the
    His research & ancedotal and subjective papers are ridicoulous. They have been refuted and not once has his treatment been replicated. Oh yes your thinkinging but the youtube videos look @ the miracles? I want proof of their valiadity!…

  15. perwest said

    To my knowledge, Zamboni have not treated other patients than the ones, descriebed in his pilotstudy.

    And to me, it is of no importance, that a link between MS and CCSVI can be approved by the Neurologes.

    To me it is of importance that CCSVI is found to play a very important role, when it comes to braindiseases in general.

    Question of keeping the pressure on the cellular membranes low, to avoid leaking, but unfortunatly, it seems that the clever neuroloegs have chosen to focus on the boichemistry alone.

    I have only been diagnosed as a MS-patient for a couple of years. Marts 2009, and before that, I worked with environmental balances in storages of Freshwater.

    I have not given up, my hope of finding some kind of cure of MS.

    To me it would be of very great importance, to focus at the same issues that I did in my job, when the question comes to keep some balances, where life can improve for the species, contained in a lake, or the mitochondrial processes, contained in a brain.

    Question of balance is: Netchange = Inlet + Outlet + Internal Matter.

    The influence of Internal Matter is huge in patients with Sclerosis and many other diseases of the brain.

    Proven by the fact that the EB-virus and other pollusive “infections” such as CD-8T dual receptor cells “attacking” myelin, are found to be of a higher concentration in the MS-Brain, compared to that of a healthy normal subject.

    In my optic, any patient with brain damages should get their Outlet improved, lowering the influence of the Internal Matter in the equation, because the level of contamination is found to be in a critical state, and the “lake” seems to be dying out, gradually.

    Again, scan the flow on the arterial Inlet also, dear Neurodoctors, because at this moment the Doctors seems to stall the whole issue, by concentrating only on the venues issue, and some correlation with MS, even it is of much logic, that if they can measure same size and diameters of the veins, and the Arterial Inlet are limited, < 1 ltr/min., then some kind of blockage is present further out in the system.

    This can happen due to the shrinking of the whole area of perfusion in the capillary system, blockaded or deformed valves, plaques or lowered heartbeat to keep a low pressure on the BBB to avoid leaking, even if 1 ltr./min. of blood is the designed flowrate to the human brain.

    If the heartbeat is out of proportion, then something is keeping the hearth from working, and the main priority of the controlling center is to keep the pressure down to a level of safety, to avoid stroke. If blockages is present, then the brain-control slows down in the whole system of circulation, to pressureprotect BBB, and your hands and feeds are getting cold, and sometimes even the motoric system is locked down, caused by lack of ability to provide sufficient oxygen to the processes, going on in our body.

    Where I live, I have been involved in restoration of lakes by the means of oxygenation, and in some cases, the lake needs oxygenation in decades, to keep the contaminated matter from exploding in the system.

    The same is the case of a MS-Brain, which show signs of Iron pollution concentrated I the areas around the venues.

    Very early, best before the first attack, should humans receive PTA to calibrate and restore the bloodflow, the Zamboni-way, and then, hopefully, the neurologist will focus on the data, concerning optimum of pressure and perfusion through the item that they are supposed to keep in balance, accordingly to natures own design.

    To start the Neurological way, by first wanting to be able to describe and understand the process that happens, when rust is developing, causing a leak in BBB”, is in my opinion the wrong way to solve the riddle about MS.

    And facts is, that finding a cure are still not in the horizon, when just left in the hands of the medical Doctors, but still, the turnover in deliverance of medical “cures”, is of 10 billion $/year, and this seems to have shadowed the whole issue, when it comes to ways of handling the disease, that might only be seen as a success in the Medical Sector.

    To a MS-patient the interest in creating knowledge of the very complex microfauna, and to obtain knowledge and proof for the answers to everything, from HLA to defects in the human genome, is of small priority, compared to restoration of the venues pressure and lowering of the residence time of the internal matter.

    Maybe natures own toolbox contains the needed so much tools, to recalibrate the stearingpult that should receive 25 % of the full hearth capacity, but seems to need a little help in a very Panacian way, without any sideeffects word to mention.

    What would be the comparable balance to each patient, treated with Tysabri/Tablets/Injections, compared to a patient treated with PTA-alone, 5 years after receiving treatment?

    CCSVI maybe an opportunity of allowing Panacea to do her job, if she gets a little help.

    As it is, present only Hygeia seems to be allowed to take action.

    Hope readers understands my medical Danish/English.

  16. maldendj said

    (to a doctor who performs “Liberation” treatments in Brooklyn, New York)

    Specifically, could you please expand on the effects of the reduction of “in flow?” What effects could be/would be felt from a lack of in-flow? Could it be that the in-flow is just as an important piece of the puzzle as blocked drainage?


    Consider the brain to be like a barrel with two openings.
    take two hose and place them in the openingsl
    push water into one hose and let it drain through the other hose
    by regulating input and output you can get a steady state to keep the fluid in the barrel to the same level

    now block the drainage.
    eiither less water can go into the barrel or the barrel will explode.

    in the body, if you reduce the amount of blood getting out of the skull, then the amount of blood that gets into the brain must be reduced.

    Reducing the blood flow into the brain is a bad thing most of the times. Flow in the carotid and vertebral arteries is essential for brain life.

    why? Because oxygen and nutrients get to the brain via the carotid arteries so reducing inflow to the brain leads to inadequate oxygen to the brain. that can lead to cell death or dysfunction.

    We are fortunate that our brain didn’t explode yet – like a barrel!

    • chiefumtaga said

      My understanding of the brain’s venous system is very different from the doctor in Brooklyn. It is definitely not like a barrel with two openings.
      The arterial (inflow) side has at least 4 “hoses”, the Left and Right vertebral arteries and the Left and Right Carotid arteries. On the venous (outflow side) there are Left and Right Internal Jugular veins. Also lymph capillaries and vessels drain interstitial fluid into the right lymphatic and thoracic duct.
      Thus the brain appears to have many ways to prevent any “block of the drainage”. I would have asked the doctor what evidence exists for any supposed blockage of venous flow from the brain in MS patients.

  17. maldendj said

    One more brainchild of a Brooklin dr’s comparative analogy, this time in contrary with his “exploding barrel” analogy:

    My wife has some concerns, her main one being – if ballooning is done on a stenosed vein and it has collaterals, we understand the collaterals will wither up. Then suppose a few months later the stenoses re-occurs. Since the collaterals are gone, would this make the blockage even worse than before the procedure?


    You are on a highway. the road ahead is blocked by an accident. So you get off and take a service road around the accident. You are not the only one so the traffic on the service road grows.

    then the accident is cleared and the road is clear sailing again.

    the service road goes back to little traffic.

    unless you permanently barricade the service road, it will again be used to bypass delays.

    same with the veins. they will shrink but they generally will not evaporate

    have a nice trip!

    • moreconcerned said

      Come on now Malden, that’s no way to talk about a High Priest of the New Church of “Liberation” Theology!

      We have to look past the contradictions and have faith in the healing powers of these medical mystics!

      Nobody likes a ‘Doubting Thomas’, and I should know, I’m a Doubting Thomist!

      Pope Paolo I should excommunicate you!

      • maldendj said

        Pope Paolo I is no more in charge for excommunications.

      • maldendj said

        Talking about a “High Priest of the New Church of “Liberation” Theology”, he is in a deep trouble according the last week article in New York Times:

        The Radiation Boom
        X-Rays and Unshielded Infants

        Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times
        “I was mortified. Full, unabashed, total irradiation of a neonate. This poor, defenseless baby.” Dr. Salvatore J. A. Sclafani, left, Chief of Radiology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

        Published: February 27, 2011

      • maldendj said

        A version of this article appeared in print on February 28, 2011, on page A1 of the New York edition..

        The New York Times by WALT BOGDANICH and KRISTINA REBELO
        Published: February 27, 2011

        It was well after midnight when Dr. Salvatore J. A. Sclafani finally hit the “send” button.
        Soon, colleagues would awake to his e-mail, expressing his anguish and shame over the discovery that the tiniest, most vulnerable of all patients — premature babies — had been over-radiated in the department he ran at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn.
        A day earlier, Dr. Sclafani noticed that a newborn had been irradiated from head to toe — with no gonadal shielding — even though only a simple chest X-ray had been ordered.
        “I was mortified,” he wrote on July 27, 2007. Worse, technologists had given the same baby about 10 of these whole-body X-rays. “Full, unabashed, total irradiation of a neonate,” Dr. Sclafani said, adding, “This poor, defenseless baby.”
        And the problems did not end there. Dr. John Amodio, the hospital’s new pediatric radiologist, found that full-body X-rays of premature babies had occurred often, that radiation levels on powerful CT scanners had been set too high for infants, and that babies had been poorly positioned, making it hard for doctors to interpret the images.
        The hospital had done the full-body X-rays, known as “babygrams,” even though they had been largely discredited because of concerns about the potential harm of radiation on the young. Dr. Sclafani and Dr. Amodio quickly stopped the babygrams and instituted tight controls on how and when radiation was used on babies, according to doctors who work there. But the hospital never reported the problems in the unit to state health officials as required.

      • maldendj said

        According to dr’s S. own presentation:

        Click to access am0850SclafaniMDSalvatoreJAChanginMondayppt_0117_081239.pdf

        Changing Careers as a Result of CCSVI

        Salvatore J.A. Sclafani

        American Access Care Physicians
        SUNY Downstate Medical Center
        Brooklyn, NY

        He decided to “Changing Careers as a Result of CCSVI…”
        – not as Result of beeing fired from Chief of Radiology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center as responsible for that premature babies had been over-radiated in the department he ran at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn:

  18. perwest said

    The key to understanding the whole issue, is for me to focus on the ways the brain protect it self from exploding. There probably is a pressostat build into the autonome system of the nerves, that takes the emergencyswitch when pressure is rising in the venes of the brain.

    This two videos from a congres held in october 2010 shows the complexity of the whole question, far to complex to understand for me and my swicherland-chesebrain full of locks.

    To me it is of interest, that bloodpressure measured in the venues of the brain, is brought down approximately 3 mm HG, after people with MS have recieved PTA, which indicates to me that the influenze of the Internal Matter contained in the brain, is brought down and the flow of blood is brought up. (Netchange= Inlet + Outlet + Internal Matter.)

    I have recieved the PTA, and if the Radiologist have done a proper job, the bloodflow through my brain is now 1,5 ltr./min from 0,5. I’m not sure that I believe the data provided, because like most MS-patients, the neurologs have desided to obstruct thier patients possibillities to recieve the PTA neir by their home, which is in fact the most obvious reason for me to believe in the whole CCSVI-teory.

    The Neurologists have worked with this disease for more than 170 years, and have choosen to ignored any findings concerning venes and irondeposits, and they have only allowed Panaceia to try to obstruct the immuneresponse to a mysterius anomality, that can’t be explained.

    I have not experienced a lot of progress due to my PTA, but the big difference I have experienced is that I don’t need to rest every 3 hour, anymore, and I don’t have a lot of attacks, like the ones I had, when I was treated by injecting Rebif.

    Hope that the other daughter, Hygeia will have some tools in her toolbox, that can mend some of the damages in my brain, over time, the nature way.

    It took a long time to develope all the damages, and it will probably take some time to restore some of my former skills.

  19. perwest said

    To be, or not wanting to be a EAE-model, closest to a real human, thats the real question.

    As we wasting our time, waiting for the almighty Medical Experts to find the answer, they don’t want to find.

    Now the EAE-models seems to complain about the evil Italian Doctor, who is trying to find a way to find obstructions in a manner, even the small babies can tolerate.

    What is closest to Hygeia and longest away from Panaceia? 1-3 days of PTA and radiation or lifelong on the CRAB-medication if not lucky to be allowed to participate in the new sport. Bladerunning in The Tysabrigame-Who can survive the longest, avoiding stumbling into a PLM virusinfection.

    Best regards from

    EAE-models United.

    As close as you can get…

    But of course. It is good for the rate of employees in the medical sector.

  20. moreconcerned said

    Although the true believers frequently repeat the “CCSVI Kills, Liberation Saves Lives”, apparently, it didn’t work out that way for this woman.

  21. lyonro said

    concerned, good to see that you and malden have found a safe haven away from thisisCCSVI!

    I wondered what had happened to you two after being banned and thanks to another complaint on thisisms about Colin Rose’s site (which always reminds me that it’s time to check it) I’ve found you here! Be well and never shy from your attempt to instill objectivity in those who only believe that if they believe in something hard enough it will become reality (the tinkerbell effect?)

  22. moreconcerned said

    Oh hey Lyon,

    Say hi to scorpion for me!

  23. perwest said

    Is a person infected by toxyplasmose capable of logiccally reasoning.

    I sometime ask my self…?

    Probably depends of which infection that lays forward, its point of view?

  24. moreconcerned said

    Cats are okay.

    Drugs are bad.

  25. moreconcerned said

    Any word on these abstracts Dr. Rose?

    • Colin Rose said

      I don’t comment on abstracts, only peer-reviewed publications that describe in detail the methods used. I am still waiting for any well-blinded, controlled imaging study that confirms Zamboni’s data. So far at least six independent studies have failed so show any difference in head and neck venous anatomy and/or blood flow patterns between MS patients and normal subjects.

      • moreconcerned said

        Yeah, I wonder if they’ll ever be published, or if they’ll turn out like a lot of these other studies.

        It’s funny that the true believers think that a conference convened and chaired by Zamboni indicates a scientific consensus.

        Maybe they can get all these studies published in Zamboni’s journal too.

  26. perwest said

    How to argue against Cosa Nostra or the medical lobby against trying to stop them in their Karl Brandt lookalike strategy to defend their AEA-models from being informed in a morally manner, about their new situation when they get their diagnose of MS.

    Instead the nurolog prescribe medication to make sure, that the patients develope into the situation accordingly to the diagnose cincerning the never proven autoimmune response.

    Here is the reciept:

    And here is some other things to consider:

    I think that oneself have to suffer from the CCSVI to be able to understand the logical aspects in this theory and the logic in which it works every in the everydaily aspects…

    Also it helps when having exposed one self to the Rebif for one year. This really consolidated the MS in my overall niveau of maintaining some degree of my healthy status.

    Whish that I, before I started the Rebif-adventure, would have been exposed to this test:

  27. It’s wonderful that Dr Rose has gone to the time and effort to use this blog as a source of alternative information for the thousands of people seeking to find an end to their MS and otherwise would be taken in by the radicals who seek to advance the “cause” of CCSVI over and above any concern for safety, benefit or financial concerns.

    This whole CCSVI thing is nothing more than a huge power grab for the “Interventional Radiologists” and others seeking to profit from “liberation” to bring in some of the massive amounts of money which the pharmas producing the MS drugs had been pocketing.

  28. moreconcerned said

    This article has Siskin stating that there have been three deaths related to the CCSVI procedure.
    I know of the first two but who’s the third?

    How many more deaths might the Liberation Theologists be hiding?

  29. moreconcerned said

    The high priests of liberation are shills for big biomedical!!!

    Dake reported consulting for Abbott Vascular, WL Gore, NovoStent, CVRx, Amaranth, and Vatrix; being on a board for VIVA Physicians; being an independent contractor or contracting research with Cook Medical; and being an advisory committee or review panel member for TriVascular.

    Haskal reported speaking and teaching for Bard Peripheral Vascular and WL Gore.

    Machan has reported being a consultant for and shareholder in Angiotech Pharmaceuticals; being on the clinical advisory board for Millimed, Calgary Scientific, and Novelis; being a steering committee member for Cook; and having received grant support from Boston Scientific and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals.

  30. moreconcerned said

    I thought this would be bigger news, but I guess many liberati are moving on to upper cervical chiropractic “treatments” anyway.

  31. perwest said

    The only real interesting queation is, why doctors think it is not good for MS-patients to have 1 ltr./min. of blood to their brain?

    And think that it is better to medicinate for this, instead of trying to restore the malfunction?

    Now we got the technologi to find the bloodstream into the brain via the nice and unflexible arterias.

    If patients are found to be in lack of blood, then there is some sort of narrowing or obstructions in the circulating bloodstream.

    Logic covered in lots of word, ment to hide the real fact about sclerose and many other braindisorders.

    Money and greed corrupts the mind. This is the case when patients consult their bankadvisor and now it clear, this is the case when consulting most of the doctors, neurologists and interventionalists.

    • maldendj said

      …The only real interesting question is, why doctors think it is not good for MS-patients to have 1 ltr./min. of blood to their brain?…

      “Liberati” doctors don’t measure blood flow. It’s not interested them. Their procedure is simple:
      1. Pay 10000$
      2. Get portable doppler examination.
      3. Get simple angioplasty procedure.
      4. Go home.

    • Colin Rose said

      There isn’t a shed of evidence that a primary reduction in cerebral blood flow causes MS. In fact, when cerebral blood is reduced the first cells that are affected are the neurones of the grey matter and one loses consciousness long before the slowly metabolizing glial cells of the white matter, damage to which causes MS, are affected.

      • perwest said

        It is a shame, that no more doctors are suffering of the disease, MS.

        Take a doctor. Throw him in the water for 5 minutes. Pull him up again, and scan his brain.

        Conclusion. MS and CCSVI have no correlation.. It takes a MS-patient to understand the mechanism of the disease.

        The brain are like a greenhouse with multiple different vegetables and plants.

        Close off the water, and see which plants are the first to die.

        It is not necessarily the plants, first in the line of the waterhose.

        Funny like it seems, that doctors are the first to forget about, that the brain itself, are a very intelligent organ, who distributes the oxygen to there where oxygen are needed.

        The doctors only sees them selves as: A doctor. The patients sees them selves as: A brain who are not funktional.

        Problem of the patient is that doctors only sees them selves, and only listen to other Doctors, who have divided the patients amongst them selves, to make sure that all doctors would be able to make a living..

        Hippokratian oath and all that jazz.

        Here is a doctor that other doctors could listen to. If they have no conflict of interest?

        And here some Danish artichle illustrating very well, what happens when MS developes. (c;

      • Colin Rose said

        So, every doctor should suffer from every disease in order to understand and treat patients with those diseases?

        Actually, doctors with a disease or who have relatives or loved ones with a disease are not qualified to treat that disease because their professional judgement is clouded by emotion.

        The AMA says this about doctors treating themselves, like Dr. Code, or family members:

        “Physicians generally should not treat themselves or members of their immediate families. Professional objectivity may be compromised when an immediate family member or the physician is the patient; the physician’s personal feelings may unduly influence his or her professional medical judgment, thereby interfering with the care being delivered.”

  32. perwest said

    Maybe Doctors should learn from history instead of doing the same mistakes, again and again and again.

    Why is the largest lobby in USA, the Medical Lobby? Is this good for the patients or for the doctors?

  33. maldendj said

    One more Research Article:

    Proposed CCSVI criteria do not predict MS risk nor MS severity!


    It is still unclear if chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), because substantial methodological differences have been claimed by Zamboni to account for the lack of results of other groups. Furthermore, it is still fully unexplored the potential role of venous malformations in influencing MS severity. This information is particularly relevant, because uncontrolled surgical procedures are increasingly offered to MS patients to treat their venous stenoses.


    In the present study, CCSVI was studied in 84 MS patients and in 56 healthy subjects by applying Zamboni method for CCSVI identification.


    We found no significant differences (p=0.12) in CCSVI frequency between MS and control subjects. Furthermore, no differences were found between CCSVI-positive and CCSVI-negative patients in terms of relevant clinical variables such as disease duration, time between onset and first relapse, relapsing or progressive disease course, risk of secondary progression course. No statistically significant differences were also found between CCSVI-positive and CCSVI-negative MS subjects by analyzing direct measures of disability such as mean EDSS (p=0.07), mean progression index (p>0.1), and mean MS severity score (p>0.1). The percentage of subjects who reached EDSS 4.0 and 6.0 milestones was not different among CCSVI-negative and CCSVI-positive subjects, and no significant correlation was found between severity of disability and number of positive CCSVI criteria.


    Our results indicate that CCSVI has a role neither in MS risk nor in MS severity. Ann Neurol 2011.

  34. perwest said

    Strange. Here is a study where 100 % MS-patients have anomalties in their veins.

    How unfortunate is a human allowed to be.

    A real doctor would probably hurry up to restore this veins…

    • Colin Rose said

      Another typical Zamboni “study”. Why does he refuse to blind observers? Maybe because he can’t find “CCSVI” unless he knows the patient has MS first? Why do they publish this junk anyway? There are now at least six well-blinded studies showing no difference between MS patients and normal subjects in head and neck venous anatomy and flow, as I say in the blog. No one else has ever been able to reproduce his unblinded data.

  35. perwest said

    This paper was published in American Society of Neuroradiology Journal April 7 2011, and focused on the methods, more than on the patients.

    *CONCLUSIONS: Conventional MRV has limited value for assessing IJV anomalies for both diagnostic
    and posttreatment purposes.

    If, so. How can one believe in the 6 results?

    **All MR imaging scans were examined by 2 independent neuroradiologists
    in a blinded manner.

    I think, that Zivadinov is the keymanager of this study, controlling Zambonis prelaminary results.

  36. chiefumtaga said

    The BBC did a story on “Liberation Therapy”. See On the InsideOut program Sam Smith, the healthy reporter went undercover to get scanned at one of the clinics offering MS patients screening tests for CCSVI. Of course she was diagnosed with CCSVI (what a surprise!!!).
    The story also quotes Ian Franklin (a Vascular surgeon)”…This reinforces the concern…some of these anomalies might be present in the normal population and raises the question that it might not specifically linked with MS.” Very well put.
    Steve Novella discusses this item in more depth at the Science Based Medicine blog under “The Dark Side of Medical Globalization”. Despite the overwhelming lack of proof for CCSVI many MS patients are still going overseas for treatment of an essentially non-existant condition.

  37. perwest said

    3 out of 5. It’s seems to be the best way for MS, treating a non-existant condition. Doctors are waisting patients time and chance to improve.

    The most effective cure for MS, would probably be to treat the doctors for their greed after money.

  38. […] “The perfect crime? CCSVI not leaving a trace in MS” – “Liberation” is… […]

  39. ccsvi1234 said

    CCSVI has changed my life17


    My name is Philip and I live in Scotland, I am 57 years old and have had MS for 11 years.

    Since 2005 things had got worse and I had to give up my physical work farming and building, suffering from constant fatigue, no feeling in feet, legs and other areas, lots of double vision and a great intolerance to heat and light, bowel and bladder urgency etc. Fortunately for me I have had no walking difficulties, except fatigue.

    I did not want to take the drugs the neurologist suggested and instead started using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) at my local MS Therapy centre. This was for me fantastic. The double vision I had for nine months diapered after 5 sessions, and I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years, as I did not need to get up five or six times for a pee.

    Although the hyperbaric had made great changes in the way my ms was managed, I still had fatigue, bowel urgency, little or no feeling in limbs and I could not close my left hand.

    Then I read about CCSVI and I could see the logic of it as I had such huge benefit from HBOT. I did hundreds of hours research on google,reading up medical papers and found some as early as 1839 talking about MS lesions showing altered vasculature, a experimental study in dogs published in 1935, claiming when the cerebral veins were artificially blocked, lesions developed that were strikingly similar to ms lesions. I found dozens of testimony`s from people who have had the simple angioplasty to their Jugular and Azygos veins and had mostly found some relief of their symptoms.

    I must have this treatment. I find that it can only be done privately and find excellent facilities are available in many countries around the world. I sign up for the treatment package through the Essential Health Clinic in Glasgow (the only place in the UK at the time).

    I go for CCSVI screening (non-invasive Doppler ultrasound scan) and am found to have faulty Jugular valves which is causing blood reflux and malformations of my Jugulars. I need to have a simple Angioplasty to correct this.

    The procedure was to be carried out on the 15th December. We meet the vascular surgeon the day before, and he talks us through the procedure, then I have cognition tests (to be repeated 6 months later).

    I receive a small amount of sedative and local anesthetic and away they go. The surgeon tells you what is happening at all times and I did not feel a thing when he inserted the balloon catheter, until it reached the Jugular vein valve on the right side. When he inflated the balloon I felt a very small pin prick type pain behind my ear and a popping as if you had just cleared your eardrums in an airplane, as quick as that the Jugular gets good blood flow. The left does not clear as easily and he uses a cutting balloon to cut a slice off the valve, again popping and tiny pin prick pain lasting milli-seconds and again job done. On to the Azygos vein no pain simple expansion of vein and good blood flow all round. On the table for approx 70 minuets and back into recovery for an hour.

    Results are fantastic. I can close my hand that I could not close before, less fatigue, all the feeling back in my feet, legs and hands. Much better eyesight, no more intolerance to heat and light, much better bladder and bowel control and now very little indigestion and I have had no problems swallowing(trouble for a couple of years – very frightening). I am able to work again and have even been able to shovel two and a half tons of gravel around my new pond !

    If this is a placebo effect ( I don’t believe it is ) then I say bring it on.

    If the plumbing is blocked get a plumber to sort it out.

  40. “There seem to be a lot of MS patients whose symptoms are to some degree subconsciously self-inflicted out of depression or to attract sympathy who could be helped with the right form of psychotherapy.”

    Coin Rose,
    I am curious as to how you have come up with this characterization of MS patients. So, you are saying that a lot of people diagnosed with MS are subconsciously creating symptoms to attract sympathy and the right psychotherapy could help or ‘cure’ their MS symptoms?

    This is exactly one of the problems that MS patients deal with. Those that think they are ‘making up’ symptoms or it’s ‘all in their head.’ Due to the fact that we do not know the exact origin of this disease and it is such a mystery, people such as yourself think that MS patients are creating symptoms to a degree. Also, because many with MS do not look or act ‘sick,’ that is another reason for this kind of labeling.

    I wish it were as ‘simple’ as receiving the right form of psychotherapy to have MS symptoms ‘disappear.’ It is because of people like you, that I go out of my way to rarely ever talk about the MS symptoms that I deal with everyday, that I can assure you are very real and not something that I have subconsciously created out of depression or a need for attention/sympathy. Quite the opposite really.

    What is your interest or fixation about MS? Do you know anyone personally that has been diagnosed? I appreciate that you are so diligently examining the CCSVI treatments because I have learned that it is necessary to not blindly follow what the latest ‘treatment’ or drug that is out there. Your quoted statement above shows a bias against those with MS and I am sincerely asking why and where you have obtained this characterization that does a lot to hurt those with MS. One would never say that others with similar chronic disabling disease were subconsciously creating their disease to gain sympathy and that the right psychotherapist could fix them.

    • Colin Rose said

      I have no bias against patients with any disease, including MS. I am only trying to explain the phenomenon of faith healing, the latest being Zamboni’s high tech version, and which is particularly prevalent in MS patients. I didn’t say ALL MS patients exaggerate their symptoms but clearly many do. The instantaneous improvement in symptoms after hope has been engendered by faith in Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph or Paolo Zamboni must be psychological. MS is unlike other chronic neurological disease in that its symptoms last for many years and can be highly variable over time and from patient to patient. Those abandoned canes, crutches and wheel chairs displayed in shrines around the world come mostly from MS patients. Some patients lose the will to fight the symptoms, or what they think the symptoms should be, until they are given hope of cure, however scientifically absurd it may be.

      Faith healing in MS patients is a topic neurologists generally don’t want to discuss. They don’t want to alienate patients by even hinting that some to their symptoms might be caused just by labelling them with the MS diagnosis. But clearly many MS patients need psychological help as much as drug treatment.

      So what is a “real” physiological symptom can be difficult to ascertain objectively. That is why any treatment of MS must be very carefully blinded and objective measures used as much as possible, neither of which Zamboni did.

      I have no “fixation” with MS. I am a cardiologist and was intrigued by Zamboni’s hypothesized vascular cause of MS and his surgical “cure”. I quickly realized that Zamboni had made the cardinal medical error trying to treat a loved one and deceived himself out of love for his wife and in the process deceived many other MS patients who have now spent at least $one billion of their savings on the “liberation” scam. If I have a fixation, it is with the impunity that surgeons, unlike other doctors, enjoy to not be obliged to rigorously test a treatment before it is widely administered to the general patient population.

  41. perwest said

    Maybe Colin, you feel, that it is better to go back, 10.000 years, and do things the way your grand,grand—father did.

    Patients have ended up, with no real doctors, trying to help their patients, who they cling to. And when a real doctor comes up with procedures that brings hope to the MS-people, they use more years just to discuss if the procedure might be safe, or the issue discussed even might be present?

    I wouldn’t advise any real Doctor, to incorporate the neurologists way of finding prof, using patients like they are using EAE-models. EAE-Models most often, don’t survive. Wonder how many patients who have died, when the angioplasty for narrowing in the arteries of the heart, where scientific proven to be beneficial for the patients?

    Did the vascular doctors use double blinded tests, to accept that it might be a good idea to restore the arterial blood flow through a patients hearth?

    Did the vascular doctors demand double blinded tests to prove, that it might be a good idea to pull a human out of the water, if he is about to drown? How many minutes without oxygen, can a patients brain withstand, before it would be clever to pull him out of the water, before permanently brain-damage occurs?

    If not double blinded tests where used, then why should it be discussed for more years, just because its only EAE-MS-patients, that is in focus for treatment, gradually drowning because of venues abnormalities in the exit from the brain, instead of inlet to?

    The bias, generated against Zambonis theory, that MS might also relate to a vascular problem, tells me, that the neurologists just fight back, because they relate to only one sentence in the oath they swear when they receive their graduation. I’ll will not cut for stone, but leave this to practitioners of this art.

    Even it has shown, that the art might have been misplaced?

    Only huge pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, can generate this response against Zambonis work of finding out a more optimal way of dealing with MS.

    Maybe the optimal way of cooping with MS, would be to control the huge amount 45,9 % of healthy subject, also showing abnormalities, to make precautions in due time? Some of them might be the future MS-patients? Or Parkinsons. Or Ischemiapatients. I dont know. I’m only a EAE-model, fighting for the right to objective treatment from Doctors, without conflicting economical interest.

    A rare bread in our century, it seems.

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