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MS patients have normal intracranial pressure-Zamboni’s “CCSVI” does not exist, “liberation” is futile

Posted by Colin Rose on February 3, 2011

Paolo Zamboni must be getting just a little nervous over the continuing failure of any other investigator to find the slightest evidence for “CCSVI”, his purported venous “reflux” that could only damage the brain by causing an increase in intracranial pressure. The latest is a report by Rolf Meyer-Schwickerath, et al., using the elegant, noninvasive technique of measuring venous occlusion pressure, who showed that intracranial pressure in MS patients is perfectly normal, but increased in patient with known causes of increased intracranial pressure. These observations confirm previous studies using magnetic resonance venography showing that MS patients have the same wide variation in head and neck venous anatomy as normal people. As we have explained in our original post on “CCSVI” even total occlusion of both internal jugular veins does not result in increased venous pressure of increased intracranial pressure due to the extensive venous collateral circulation from the head.

Their conclusion:  “In summary, there is no evidence of an increase in intracranial venous pressure in our MS patients due to a CCSVI mechanism in MS. Our findings do not justify operative procedures.” In other words, Zamboni’s “liberation” treatment for MS is useless.

To date, at least $one billion has been wasted on Zamboni’s seductive myth. When will the medical profession start policing itself and shut down all the venal charlatans deceiving desperate MS patients and their families into depleting their savings to have “liberation”?

One Response to “MS patients have normal intracranial pressure-Zamboni’s “CCSVI” does not exist, “liberation” is futile”

  1. perwest said

    Maybe this would be of some interest. I don’t know but CVD and CCSVI maybe not that far from each other Colin. Valveproblems in venues contra blokaged arterias. I don’t know. I’m just a patient and a former testpet of the neurologes.

    Which organ is capable of lowering the bloodpressure by downregulating the hearthbeat, and why is the neurologes using 4 years on just teorizing about the Zamboni-thesis, instead of doing the actual very safe PTA on some of their RRMS-patients, likely to be able to regenerate before it’s to late?

    Why does the neurologes deny to try to restore the bloodflow to the most important organ in the human body, when other doctors use pta to restore any other organs?

    Why do dogs develope MS-plagues in their brain, when Homo Sapiens do not, if the venuesystem in their neck is obstructed?

    The most obvius cause is to think, that Zamboni is not far from the truth, is the reaction from the neurologs, who didn’t find it sensible to donate from the funding to Dr. Zivadinov who actual claimed that he had regisreated more obstructions in patients than in healty controls, and that the neuroloegs feels comfortable of having easy acces to persons that will allow them to make all kind of investigations.

    In fact, originally this was the reason for the neurologs to open up for patientmembers when they founded the Danish Scleroseassosiation.

    And then my feeling of relief from my own sympthoms, after recieving the Zambonitreatment, and why is it that doctors who gets the disease, them selves or their relatives, suddently find it very obvious to receive the treatment?

    The key to the whole issue, still is, how much blood is flowing through the arterias in the neck of a healthy control, contra a sclerosepatient?

    According to Prof. Per Soelberg Sørensen, Danish head of the MS-department in Denmark, the bloodflow is very restricted, compared to HC.

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