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Paolo Zamboni-Medical Con Man Supreme-Patenting a Disease

Posted by Colin Rose on January 26, 2011

When I first heard about Paolo Zamboni’s miraculous surgical “cure” for multiple sclerosis, I had supposed, that in addition to his desire to treat in wife’s MS, he was motivated by the delusion that he could earn a place in the medical pantheon, alongside Jenner, Salk, Banting etc. Only after viewing various internet postings has it become clear to me that Zamboni  plans to make himself a billionaire by patenting a disease, “CCSVI”, and the means to diagnose it. He realizes that he can’t patent the “liberation” procedure which is now done by dozens of avaricious, unscrupulous surgeons around the world but he can patent the machinery to diagnose the condition for which “liberation” is the treatment.

In 2008 he applied for a US patent for a “System for Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis”.  Note that there is no mention of his employer, the University of Ferrara anywhere in the application. If the University had considered “CCSVI” to be a significant innovation it would surely have insisted on applying for the patent as is its right. Also, note that he does not claim just to be diagnosing “CCSVI” or just neck vein abnormalities. Apologists for Zamboni often claim that he is only diagnosing “CCSVI” and only secondarily MS. To quote: “An embodiment of the invention is a system for diagnosing multiple sclerosis based on the determination of the rate of reflux, increased indices of resistance in the cerebral veins for providing clinical data useful for diagnosing multiple sclerosis.”

At the same time Zamboni is acting as a consultant to Esaote, a Genoa-based manufacturer of ultrasound equipment which is selling the only machine approved by Zamboni for diagnosing “CCSVI”. No doubt Zamboni envisions this machine being bought by the thousands, if not tens of thousands by radiology departments in hospitals around the world to screen for “CCSVI” in everyone under age 40 so that they can  be treated for “CCSVI” by his “liberation” procedure and presumably prevent MS. Curiously, the description of this machine only appears in the site of the Bulgarian purveyor of “liberation” not in Esaote’s own site. I suspect that Esaote doesn’t want to publicize the use of transcranial Doppler for studying intracranial veins with the Zamboni machine because this technique has never been validated and is not used in legitimate ultrasound labs. Transcranial Doppler has a few uses for looking at cerebral arterial blood flow that do not include trying to image venous flow which would be hard to distinguish from arterial flow, as recommended by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

“Settings in which transcranial Doppler ultrasonography (TCD) is able to provide information and in which its clinical utility is established.

  1. Screening of children aged 2 to 16 years with sickle cell disease for assessing stroke risk (Type A, Class I), although the optimal frequency of testing is unknown (Type U).
  2. Detection and monitoring of angiographic vasospasm (VSP) spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage (sSaH) (Type A, Class I-II). More data are needed to show if its use affects clinical outcomes (Type U).”

TCCS: “transcranial color-coded duplex sonography”, ECD: “extracranial EchoColor-Doppler”. These two forms of imaging are somehow combined by the special software in the  PC to diagnose “CCSVI”. In other words, this disease can only be diagnosed with Zambonis machine. Zamboni is attempting to patent a disease.

Of course, the only way one can learn to use the Zamboni “CCSVI” machine is to take special training from the master himself or from one of his franchises. The Hilarescere Foundation is Zamboni’s charity, the scientific committee of which doles out money to him and his friends.

Unfortunately for him, Zamboni is unlikely to make much from his machine. Most of the charlatans around the world doing “liberation” don’t bother to do transcranial Doppler to document “reflux” in intracranial veins. Too much hassle. Like Marian Simka in Poland, the scammers just do a fast scan of neck veins with  regular Doppler that shows pulses on the screen and makes swishing noises which seems  to be enough to convince the desperate patient that he/she needs “liberation” @ $10,000. Note that Simka is not doing transcranial Doppler, just neck scanning with a small portable Doppler machine. And there is certainly no computer in sight  to analyze the data as required  by the Zamboni patent application. This patient is even demanding to have stents inserted [more money], so fearful is he of having a “restenosis” and not being able to afford to return to Poland for another “liberation.”

Here is a Zamboni machine that isn’t a hoax.

4 Responses to “Paolo Zamboni-Medical Con Man Supreme-Patenting a Disease”

  1. maldendj said

    Finally, It took a nutcase to point out that the King is naked.

    “System for Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis”
    Inventor: Paolo Zamboni.

    What a clever plan. Patent on how to see unseen:

    “Macchina per vedere l’invisibile!”

    Swindler on a fixed university salary find a way for some extra profit. Good work!

  2. perwest said

    Greed all over. The medical doctors is paid by the medical society to protect the 10 billion $ turnover a year, and the vascular is robbing the patients? Who are the bad guys?

    The neurologs have taken some kind of patent on their patients, as the only mammalian that does not need sufficient bloodflow, to humans brain, appr. 1 ltr./min. of blood, and the brain will even suffer damage if some swindlers should try to restore their flow of blood.

    Why doesn’t the doctors just measure the bloodflow in the 4 arterias in patients neck, and if bloodflow is lower than normal, compared to healthy people, then probably some sort of blokage is to be found somewhere in the whole orbit of blood flowing around, and as a consequense the bloodstream must be restored, like the obstruction have happend in a leg or in an arm.

    Luckely to the neurological society, who keeps their patients as some kind of hostages that must only be treated by neurologs, they now have managed to hide the facts, that they think that the human brain is the only organ that doesn’t need to have the bloodflow restored if it is found to be short of blood.

    However, mirachles do happens, and the sight and the light in my eye have been improved a lot after having had procedure to restore the blood, flowing out from my brain.

    I think it is time to reform the last “Catolich Preasts”, and teach them to communicate in a understandable language, and tell their patients why it should be smart to have only half the bloodstream flowing through their brain, compared to normal persons?

    And why do they think it is smart only to focus on the very plastic venous system to diagnose if something is wrong? It is easily measured in the nonplastic arterial system.

    The answer is: Time is money, year after year after year.

    Strangely that the Putnamfindings from 1935, when he tested the influenze of getting the venoussystem in dogs obstructed, then found that the poor animals developed plaques like they where suffering from MS.

    Dr. Dake speaks of his experiences regarding restoration of bloodflow.

    To the patients, time is not money, but time is brain.

    And a real doctor would hurry up, restoring the bloodflow on his patients, before irreversible damages occurs, and the brain shrinks to fit the risidual amount of blood, provided.

    But not logically to the neurologs, that have the “patentclaim”, that the only organ that do not need oxygen to its cells, but rather medication to stop the immuneresponse, is the human brain.

    Chlorine to take the smell of rotting tissue, instead of oxygen.

    I wish Dr. Zamboni good luck in his attempt to, once more bring this findings of signs of a vascular condition, bleeding from the BBB and irondeposits, to the neurologist’s attention.

    Should he be able to make some money out of this, it would be very good for the keyissues, also called the patients.

    170 years of insanity should be more than enough to any patient.

  3. I find it ironical that the main reproach that is made on doctor Zamboni is his trying to get some money from his discovery.
    I understand it would be a terrible loss for the usual pharmaceutical companies. But the reproach does not come -at least indirectly- from them, do they?

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