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MS sufferers lobby Alberta government for “CCSVI” treatment by “liberation”

Posted by Colin Rose on November 17, 2010

As I foresaw almost a year ago, this was inevitable. A desperate patient has spend $many thousands to have the “liberation” cure by Dr. Simka in Poland suffers a relapse of his disease, is convinced he has a retenosis of his jugular vein in spite of having a stent insertion and demands that the Canadian taxpayer fund the same bogus treatment. Restenosis is the new relapse.


Metro – MS sufferers lobby province for treatment.



Sindy Layh gives husband Gordon a kiss near his left jugular vein, where a stent was placed as part of a treatment he received in Poland in June. Gordon is among many MS sufferers fighting to have that treatment approved in Canada.Sindy Layh thought she had her husband back, but she is now slowly watching him slip away.In June, Sindy and Gordon Layh of Bonnyville travelled to Poland to try an experimental treatment not available in Canada for his multiple sclerosis. Now his symptoms are coming back.“I had my husband back. Now I spend all my time worrying,” said Sindy.

Gordon said the CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) treatment he received was “almost a miracle” but now needs followup treatment here in Alberta.

“Because I am not dying, the treatment is very passive,” said Gordon.

The couple joined about 50 people on the steps of the Alberta legislature yesterday to demand the government bring this treatment to Canada so MS sufferers don’t have to seek relief abroad.

Alberta’s health minister says patients who need treatment following controversial out-of-country surgery for multiple sclerosis will get help.

“This is one of those problems you have when you have something that is classified by the medical community as experimental in nature,” Gene Zwozdesky told reporters yesterday.“But the fact is that somebody goes out (for the surgery) and has a complication that develops, then we in the province have no choice but to help them best we can to alleviate their difficulties.”


Gordon didn’t have a complication of “liberation”, nor has he had a restenosis of a jugular vein. He is experiencing a relapse of his disease as happens in many cases of MS. His improvement in symptoms after “liberation” was either faith healing or, less likely, a coincidental spontaneous remission. He spent more than $10,000 to have Dr. Simka in Katowice preform a bogus procedure and cannot believe that it was worthless so he wants the same thing done again in Canada.
“CCSVI” exists only as a ruse to separate desperate patients from their money. No taxpayer dollars should be wasted on this charlatanry.

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