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MUHC Endorses Pfizer’s Products

Posted by Colin Rose on April 9, 2010

This is a back lit box on the first floor of the Montreal General Hospital, the “mountain campus” of the MUHC. This is how the McGill University Health Centre is caring for your health. Obviously Pfizer expects that the “professionels de la santé” at the MUHC would highly recommend Pfizer’s products and obviously the MUHC administration expects that they would. How many $millions is Pfizer paying the MUHC for this priceless endorsement of its products which directly benefit those “professionels de la santé?” What would happen to any of the “professionels de la santé” who gave “précieux conseils” that Lipitor was useless in the vast majority of people for whom it is prescribed as described in our blog page on statins? Do true professionals associate with organizations that take money from the profits of companies selling the products they recommend? In Quebec our taxes are about to increase dramatically to pay for a “health contribution” a lot of which will go to paying for expensive, mostly useless drugs like Lipitor. That’s good business if you are running a hospital but not if you are really caring for health. If you would like to protest this highly unprofessional behaviour  phone Rebecca Burns (MUHC media) at (514) 934-1934 Ext. 71443 or  email Dr. Arthur Porter, CEO of the MUHC.


Update, April 16, 2010

It seems the MUHC administration felt some heat. One week after posting this blog, the Pfizer ad had been removed. They reacted so fast that they had no replacement and had to leave only an embarrassing blank light box.

Thanks to all those who took the time to register their opinion of this example of grossly unprofessional behaviour.

One hopes that in the future McGill and the MUHC will think twice about prostituting themselves to the drug dealers.


2 Responses to “MUHC Endorses Pfizer’s Products”

  1. Rebecca Hoover said

    My goodness, Colin, I fear for my mental health. I totally agree with you on this.

    Here’s a question for you. Given what is being learned about gray matter atrophy increasing with BMI increases for overweight and obese individuals, perhaps it is not ‘moral hazard’ but incapacity that is the issue. Many have asked me for menus which I have been reluctant to provide for two reasons: 1) the idea of preparing these bores me, and 2) I used to think those who asked were being lazy. As I learn more, I am beginning to think some may need extra help getting back on track. After brain atrophy has occurred because of poor life style choices, it seems we may have to help others with step by step instructions on what to do.

  2. eddievos said

    Dear Colin, I sent an email to the CEO. I find it shocking that I contribute to the maintenance of the hospital and the electricity for that sign that is a one sided promo for Lipitor, the drug that has never extended anybody’s life and where the main study, ASCOT, ended with 2 more cardiac events in women than happened on placebo. They are expensive nitroglycerin mimics for all we know [pathway undisputed].

    A friend spent some time last month in the sister hospital, the Royal Vic, and getting out of the elevator into the Coronary Care Unit, one faces a Coca Cola machine. With the money we spend on our hospitals, clearly we should take junk ads and junk foods out of such places.

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