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Junk food addiction

Posted by Colin Rose on October 28, 2009

The type of reactions Kessler describes when some people are presented with junk food is classical addictive behaviour. Why doesn’t Kessler like to call junk food obsession an addiction? My guess is that as a former FDA Commissioner he would like to think that the problem can be solved just by banning junk food. If he admits the existence of  junk food addiction he has to face the reality that all attempts to ban addictive substances of any sort have been disastrous; people will satisfy their addictions at any cost to themselves and their society. Whether we like it or not, we are all affected by the consequences of addiction; if you have any kind of disease insurance, public or private, you are paying much more than you would if there were no alcohol, tobacco or junk food addictions, all legal. Illegal cocaine and heroin addictions only increase your share of police and military costs. So, collectively, we have to put a  major effort into preventing and treating addiction, a medical problem so intractable that we pay police rather than doctors to deal with it.

Slaves to sugar
National Post
28 Oct 2009

For years, I wondered why I was fat. Science seemed to suggest it was my destiny. “Set-point theory” says that adult weight is destined to remain at a predetermined level and that we will adjust our energy intake and output to keep it there. According…read more…

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