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Getting more for less in health care (National Post, 06 Oct 2009)

Posted by Colin Rose on October 6, 2009

Esmail assumes that producing “health care” is analogous to producing widgets; the law of supply and demand applies to both. Not so. Demand for “health care”, really disease care, is infinite. Deluded inhabitants of developed societies believe that any money spent on doctors and hospitals will prolong their lives. But, there is no correlation between per capita expenditure on doctors and hospitals and any measure of health. The cost of disease care will continue to rise as long as demand is fueled by absurd expectations of a necessarily finite system, driven by the latest, doctor-self-aggrandizing story on some “life-saving” technology. The cost of disease care can only be contained if doctors are put on salaries and practice according to the Hippocratic Oath and the best evidence for effectiveness and safety of treatments. Only then will doctors have an incentive to do less. Unlike the present perverted fee-for-service system, there would be no incentive to administer profitable but superficially attractive and potentially lethal procedures or drugs for non-life threatening disease. Also, unlike the present system, there would be a primordial incentive, less work for the same money, to prevent the diseases of lifestyle that account for most of the cost of the disease care system and most of the premature deaths in our society.

Getting more for less in health care
National Post
06 Oct 2009

Thanks to poor fiscal management, the government of Ontario finds itself in a difficult fiscal situation. It must find a way to eliminate the significant deficits that are expected until at least 2015/16. Given that tax increases are certain to damage…read more…

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