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Fat, naturally

Posted by Colin Rose on June 9, 2009

Any form of refined fat has no significant nutritional value other than calories and serves no purpose other than to make junk foods like pastries. Lard is enviromentllay friendly? If we don`t raise any domestic pigs we don`t have to worry about eating all their parts and we would would avoid a lot of environmental degradation. The same goes for domestic beef.

Fat, naturally
National Post
09 Jun 2009

Wait long enough and everything bad for you is good again. Sugar? Naturally better than high-fructose corn syrup. Chocolate? A bar a day keeps the doctor away. Caffeine? Bring it on. Lard, however, has always been a ridiculously hard sell. Over at…read more…

One Response to “Fat, naturally”

  1. naomiachoyo said

    Hi! We are also very concerned about childhood obesity in Canada and around the world and we are trying to offer and spread out some solutions.

    “HOW CAN WE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM? If the current generation does end up dying at a younger average age than their parents, it will be entirely due to a preventable and treatable cause. We can chalk it up to our failure as a community.

    The solution must begin with responsible government and a shift in mindset.

    Government must take the lead in the fight against obesity.”

    You might be interested in checking out this article from our publication – the {warehouse} magazine –
    Let us know what you think and please reach out to us if you have ideas or if you would like to write an article. We are a socially aware lifestyle magazine, feel free to send a note through the website.

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