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Cattle exports to U.S. down 30% this year

Posted by Colin Rose on April 9, 2009

So who needs this stuff anyway? There is no nutritional requirement for grain-fed, environmentally-destructive domestic livestock. If we want a healthy population as well as a “healthy rural economy” we should be harvesting free-range, grass-fed herbivores. We could promote such meat as “Obameat”, the carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly alternative to industrial meat

Cattle exports to U.S. down 30% this year

National Post
09 Apr 2009

Mr. Preugschas acknowledges that a trade challenge won’t do much, as it will take years before a final verdict is reached. “But you have to do it to make a point that you can’t willy-nilly come up with laws that violate trade agreements,” he said. The…read more…

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