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Hospital food is junk

Posted by Colin Rose on February 8, 2009

Elaine Creighton is confusing health care with disease care, a common misconception. The medical system, i.e. hospitals and doctors exist solely to treat disease. An optimally healthy population needs much less disease treatment and many less hospital bureaucrats and doctors. So the latter have absolutely no incentive to promote health. The ideal situation for hospitals and doctors is a breathing but chronically sick population that needs constant disease care. Not so long ago there were cigarette machines on every floor or most hospitals and they were some of the last organizations to get rid of the disease dispensers. Junk food vending machines are a big source of revenue for the disease care system by both direct sales and by the disease they cause.

Hospital food is junk

The Gazette
08 Feb 2009

The Lakeshore General Hospital should follow the Gatineau arenaâ€�s plan to eliminate junk food from its premises. During an eight-hour wait in emergency, choices to nosh on were chips, pretzels, and sugar-filled fruit-flavoured drinks that we decided to…read more…

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