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Beware the campus thought police

Posted by Colin Rose on November 20, 2008

Where were the Queen’s “facilitators” during the riots at Homecoming? Or did they think that drinking yourself into a coma and trashing property was OK because it was “inclusive”. We are now witnessing the consequences on a small scale of academic liberalism’s fear of censuring any behaviour that is not overtly “racist” or “sexist”. It’s easier to shut down a treasured tradition than censure alcoholism and evil behaviour. One can only hope we won’t have to shut down our whole society because of the liberals’ unwillingness to criticize and punish addictive and self-destructive habits.

“Cowardice shuts the eyes till the sky is not larger than a calf-skin: shuts the eyes so that we cannot see the horse that is running away with us; worse, shuts the eyes of the mind and chills the heart.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”
— Abraham Lincoln

Beware the campus thought police

National Post
20 Nov 2008

Just who is Queen’s University trying to kid? The school may call its new political-correctness cops “facilitators.” It may insist they will not be eavesdropping on private conservations, “preaching” to students they overhear using “offending terms,”…read more…

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