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Obese people have obese pets

Posted by Colin Rose on November 18, 2008

The apologists for the obese say that obesity is, like homosexuality, genetic, there is a “set point” for weight, there is no point in trying to change behavior, everyone should be happy at whatever weight they have, etc.

Then how do they explain the obesity pandemic in pets which has tracked the pandemic in humans? Pets get most of their food from humans. Cats never got obese chasing and gnawing on birds, mice and rats or eating low fat, low sugar cat food. Recently many have been fed the same junk as their obese owners. Tinks was a stray cat that was fed by a variety of people in four different neighborhoods. Two-thirds of the UK population is overweight or obese.

So we conclude that both the human and the pet pandemics of obesity are caused by the same thing, a pandemic of junk food addiction.


From the Globe and Mail, Nov 18, 2008


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