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Out of their league?

Posted by Colin Rose on October 16, 2008

A Russian hockey league is blamed for 19 year old Alexei Cherepanov’s death from atherosclerosis, proven by autopsy. Since when has hockey playing been a risk factor for atherosclerosis? There are two causes: tobacco and an atherogenic diet. I assume he didn’t smoke.

The league is blamed for not detecting it sooner. How would they have detected it? How do you predict atherosclerotic plaque rupture? If there is no plaque there is nothing to rupture. Plaque can be prevented and regressed by lifestyle alone. Did the coach ask him about his lifestyle, what he ate?

Out of their league?
BY MATTHEW COUTTS National Post, with files from news services
National Post
16 Oct 2008

The shift just before 19-year-old elite hockey prospect Alexei Cherepanov collapsed and died during a game in Russia’s Continental Hockey League exemplified exactly what the league’s founders had in mind when they created an entity to rival North…read more…

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